Dr Craig Rayner

CEO – d3 Medicine "Creative thinking must not be restricted by complexity and dogma"

About Dr Rayner

Dr Craig Rayner has lived and worked in Australia, US, UK and Switzerland gaining 14+ years of extensive international experience in clinical development, scientific due diligence and licensing of pharmaceuticals in academic, clinical, consulting, small biotech and large pharma environments.

Craig is the CEO of d3 Medicine LLC, a US and Australian company who provide strategic advice in global drug development. d3 Medicine works with like-minded highly innovative people to create healthcare solutions and medicines that matter. d3 Medicine’s purpose is to address the prevailing R&D market failure and to assist in the process, to ensure medicines are available for those who need them most, around the globe.

Craig’s past appointments include leadership roles in Clinical Pharmacology and Early development (Roche), Clinical development (CSL-Behring), in Business Development/Licensing as Global Due Diligence Director (Roche) and as an academic researcher in clinical pharmacology and infectious disease research (Monash University). He has extensive experience in early and late development of therapeutics, regulatory interaction experience with all major global health authorities, multiple filings and accountability for numerous due diligences, active support of negotiations, deal making and integration activities.

Craig is Chair of Development Committee of Medical Countermeasures Products Australia (MCPA), holds an Adjunct Associate Professorship in Pharmaceutical Science (Monash University) and is broadly published in clinical pharmacology and also infectious diseases. He holds undergraduate Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science degrees from Monash University, a PharmD from State University of New York at Buffalo, a senior executive MBA from Melbourne Business School and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He was a semi-finalist for young Australian of the year.

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